Between     Passion & Execution, Lies Talent.

We help you attract, select, place, develop, promote, motivate and retain talent
to achieve successful strategy execution.

The Story

20 years ago, CivilSoft realized the pressing need for HR and payroll solutions in the Middle East, and thus became the first management software company to specialize in the field. Our history has given us unbeatable exposure to the market, to a variety of different countries, industries, and organizations, and to the problems and challenges they face every day.

However, we would rather focus on the solutions to these problems. We have been using the insights that esteemed professionals like yourself have given us over the years to develop innovative solutions, robust enough to deal with 100% of the scenarios you may face in business. We have built a wonderful team of experts whose main concern is your success, every step of the way.

So now, at the time when globalization is creating new challenges and complexities, at the time when the role of HR is becoming more strategic than ever, and when comprehensive talent management has become the core element of success, we are ready, and very excited to help!

With CivilSoft �Our people are our most important asset� is no longer a clich�. Making it happen is our passion.

Why CivilSoft ?


Build your own rules. Define your own parameters. Set your own direction. Take-off at an unprecedentedly high speed and have the system run like an autopilot, assisting you in controlling the organization and allowing you to focus on broader aspects of operation. Enjoy the View!


take Charge
take off


Identify the pain points and put them right! Gain visibility into what is hindering the growth of your organization.


look Beyond the symptoms


A company that�s here to stay, to learn and develop from you, and for you. A Team of specialists that's available, around the clock, for your ultimate care and support. We help you make the best out of your investment, and watch the benefits grow, every single day.


Nurture Your Investment

Message from the Founder

Software programming has always been my passion and profession. Producing Arab-developed software business solutions,with international standards, has always been my dream. However, there are some thoughts that I have preserved at the back of my mind along the road. During my study of Civil Engineering at the University of Alexandria, Egypt, Dr. Salah Seleem has fed us with the core business ethics that one should follow in the IT business. "Do not take advantage of others' lack of knowledge to sell your product, do not pretend to know what you really don't , do not hide information and always share your knowledge." Those were his exact words. That's why the very first thing a new employee at CivilSoft is being taught is how to hold on to his/her integrity and transparency while developing the company's product or business. Vision, perfection, aspiration, integrity, precision, commitment, achievement, innovation and control are our core values and we, at CivilSoft, believe that these values will certainly pave the way to our company to become one of the leading software houses in the world. We will always want to do the right thing, WE CAN AND WE WILL!

Muhammed Nagdy